Unexpected permission asked when file dialog appears.

Comodo Firewall v.

From time to time when various applications open their ‘File Open Dialog’ box, Comodo asks permission for that application to access the internet. It only seems to happen when the file open dialog box is starting on the ‘desktop’ folder, IE. the folder the open dialog box displays when it opens is the desktop folder. Various applications have done this, including those that do not have any kind of internet facility, not even a ‘check for updates’ feature. This is a relatively recent thing for me, just in the last week or so, it never used to happen, even though I’ve been using Comodo Firewall for several months.

It occured to me that maybe it is being caused by something on my desktop, which is a mess of exe shortcuts, folders, random files like PDFs, JPGs, TXTs, and at least 30 web links. But surely this is impossible? But why would it only happen when the file dialog opens with the desktop folder? Or is that just a coincidence?

Anyway please help as I’m a bit worried about this, not to mention confused.

Many thanks.

You’ve answered your own question, mate - you have links to exernal sites on your desktop. When the dialogue box opens it has to retrieve the objects and in doing so needs to access the net to ensure the availability ofhte web related objects.

To verify this, move (as opposed to copy) the web related objects to another folder and then do whatever it is you do to cause the dialogue box to open with “Desktop” as its focus. I’m almost certain you’ll find the alert has gone.

Let us know how this works out.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reply.

I’m not sure if I made clear that the permission request happens when the open file dialog is opened. I should make clear that I am not trying to open a file that is linked via a web shortcut on my desktop.


Perhaps Windows is trying to be too clever - it often tries and fails.

Your File Open dialogue tells it you may wish to open a file, so it trawls through every possibility before you can tell it what you want.

One of the BIG complaints I have against M.S. (and there are many) is that if I want to inspect the properties of an executable, before it shows me the properties it assumes I may wish to change something, so it first of all copies the file into a Restore Point (sometimes taking 20 seconds for a large file) ready for a System Restore - and all I wanted to do was see what version it was at !!!