unexpected firewall behavior

Hello everbody,

when i first installed Comodo Firewall i chose the training mode to be able to control which applications i want to open and which i am not want to open. Everything went finde. An Applicaton popped up, firewall stopped it and i had the choice to let it open or not. But now that behavior magically changed, while having the training mode still activated. Firewall doesnt stop applications anymore and i get no option to let them open or not. How can i restore the correct behavior ?


  • VampireSilence

In Training Mode the Firewall will not alert:

Training Mode : The firewall monitors network traffic and create automatic allow rules for all new applications until the security level is adjusted. You will not receive any alerts in ‘Training Mode’ mode. If you choose the ‘Training Mode’ setting, we advise that you are 100% sure that all applications installed on your computer are assigned the correct network access rights.

What you are asking for is Custom Ruleset Mode:

The firewall applies ONLY the custom security configurations and network traffic rules specified by the user. New users may want to think of this as the ‘Do Not Learn’ setting because the firewall does not attempt to learn the behavior of any applications. Nor does it automatically create network traffic rules for those applications. You will receive alerts every time there is a connection attempt by an application - even for applications on the Comodo Safe list (unless, of course, you have specified rules and policies that instruct the firewall to trust the application’s connection attempt).
If any application tries to make a connection to the outside, the firewall audits all the loaded components and checks each against the list of components already allowed or blocked. If a component is found to be blocked, the entire application is denied Internet access and an alert is generated. This setting is advised for experienced firewall users that wish to maximize the visibility and control over traffic in and out of their computer.

Either change the Firewall to safe mode or custom mode. Custom will show an alert for each individual connection to each individual IP and is the most secure, and most time consuming, of firewall configs.