Unexpected file from comodo

Hi, When i installed the new Comodo CIS i found out that there is a file named “cis236.exe” in the directory "C:\ProgramData" Is this a legit Comodo file and if so, why is it not located in the same dir as the other files from Comodo?

Second question/problem
This file thew up an error (something about missing disk) when trying to install Comodo. This prevented Comodo from installing because i was unable to get rid of the message until i terminated the process via taskmanager. By doing so Comodo was able to finish the installation. But the error message keeps reappearing every time i restart my computer ( have to terminate “cis236.exe”)
can i safely remove the file?

I have seen a topic about a file with similar name before. I think it may be needed during installation. I would leave it just in case it in case it might be needed when updating, uninstalling or adding or removing components.

You can delete it.

You can find files here:

C:\ProgramData\cisC42A.exe (random file name, always begins with “cis”)

C:\Users\All Users\cisC42A.exe

Note: The file names differ on each installation.

I deleted mine and have had no problems since.

In that case i still have the issue where i´m getting error message “there is no disk in the drive. Please insert a disk into drive X:.” until i terminate the process. (not sure but the error message might have shown up when i uninstalled the old one and it prompt me to reboot)

Thanks, this is probably what i will do.