Unending repeated requests to approve modifying protected key

I’m getting an unending set of requests to approve modifying a key. A Hewlett-Packard application ran and I exited it. Then Comodo HIPS started asking me to ok “runAssetAgend.wsf is trying to modify a protected registry key”. I have the “Remember my answer” button checked. I’ve already clicked the green checkbox “Allow” at least 100 times and it just keeps coming back.

What should I do?

Help will be appreciated.

I’m new to Comodo forums. I’ve browsed to attach a picture of the Comodo dialog, but it does not show up in the preview.

Thank you.


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Does ‘treat as installer or updater’ help?

Hi -
How do I do that - “Treat as installer or updater”?



On the screen shot you posted ‘treat as’ is the bottom option. Click on that and then click on the ‘installer or update’ option.

Can you check with KillSwitch if these script file is being run by a parent application?