Unending renewal nags with 10 days to go

About 5-10 (or more; I don’t keep count) nags to renew my subscription every day while I have 10 days to go is driving me close to uninstalling the package completely.

The constant pollution / mugging of my online experience is worse than most scammer’s methods and the desperation which seemingly motivates it is making me trust this service less and less.

When someone or something tries to unduly pressure me to do something that is not urgent (10 days to go!), I resist.

My question: Is there a way of turning off this annoying, desperate sales-pitch in settings?
Or is uninstalling the only solution?

Sadly, Comodo appears to have lost all pride in its product.

Thanks for help.

Are you having a subscription with Comodo for a paid product?

I have one now, as I said in my original post.
But I shouldn’t have to tolerate nags many times a day for 10 days before I renew.
If I renew because – although I originally intended to renew – now I’m so pis*ed off that it’s no longer a certainty.


Down to 6 days after a zillion pop-up nags already.

I just want to know if I can turn the mugging off?

Whoever coded that in should be offered a redundancy package because all it does is alienate customers.


I’m also unsure about the reliability of the product.
Judging from all the negative experiences of people using the 2013 version.
If it can’t co-exist with things like MSE - and if there’s inadequate testing of program enhancements - I’m not sure the skill set of the programmers is something to be envied.
I want a solution, not a problem.

There are no reports know tome telling it is incompatible with MSE. They seems to coexist fine.

Well, in that example, I was thinking of:


Removed the code tags to make the link clickable. Eric