Undoing HIPS rules

Whena program has a HIPS rules how can you remove it from the rules? Also is is possible to have HIPS rules being created by Comodo. I have programs with HIPS i do not recall making

When i right click and remove it is back when I reopen comodo

Rules will only be created if you have create rules for safe applications checked under advanced settings. When you delete the rule(s) are you hitting the Ok button after ? Closing the advanced settings windows by hitting X will not apply your changes. If you are hitting OK and the rules(s) are not removed then run a diagnostic from the Dashboard window under the help - > support.

If the diagnostic fails to find problems and you still can’t delete rules then I would reset the config by activating the internet security configuration and then immediately reactivating the proactive security. Keep in mind this will revert CIS to default config and you will have to manully apply any changes you have made.

Its important to note that rules are also created if you have the Remember this check box checked when responding to a pop-up alert.

I don’t think that is correct. i have rules and that box is not checked

There are a limited set of default rules. You are likely seeing them.