when allowing a programm to access registry or whatever there is also a risk to cause unwanted damage isnt it ?
wouldnt it be nice to have some undo and auto-restore options when already allowed to a malware thing to do a job ?
ex i m not sure if i should press allow, block, ingore or ignore once so i choose ALLOW, and then something bad happens ! is there any way to just go the whole system a click or two backwards as it was before?

Hi and welcome,

If you are unsure about how to answer a popup, and the program doesn’t have a trusted origin, allowing by default doesn’t look like a good idea. :o

However Comodo is going to develop something like what you say, a “time machine” capable of restoring your system to a previous state, before something bad happened for example. It will be a while however before it’s ready. :-\ In the meantime you should at least become acquainted with Windows’ own System Restore tool:

Use System Restore to Undo Changes if Problems Occur

ok great to know that a “timemachine” is on CIS plans ! i am familiar with system restore build within windows, but i didnt mean i want to see something similar on CIS (time absorbing and reboot-forcing recoveries)! An UNDO option would be very useful, the idea of time machine sounds exactly what i had in mind :slight_smile: