Undo a clean?

Hi there,
I recently started using COMODO Firewall and have been very impressed :-TU :slight_smile: it seems to perform much better than my old one!

Anyway… I also downloaded COMODO System Cleaner with the view of speeding up my lagging pc. It has helped, however when using the Privacy Cleaner i foolishly forgot to uncheck my firefox bookmarks :’( and i’m wondering if there is any way of retrieving them?

Thanks for your time!


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Sorry to say, but only way to recover is to use a recovery program ( I think )
Unless You had Firefox Open at the time then you can get them back by copy and paste?


I did that too but I was lucky, I had a MozBackup copy to restore them from.

An excellent program:

You can also transfer your Firefox data and Thunderbird settings etc to another computer with a usb stick.

Does CSC delete Firefox bookmarks? ???


You may be able to restore the bookmarks:



Yes. People need to be smart enough to uncheck them when cleaning there computer with CSC but it would be nice if developers untick by default or get rid of all together to avoid possible confusion, especially for new people.


Yes I was one of the stupid ones you refer to.

As this was out of beta, I never thought to look to see if it had default settings that would do something to cause a new user so much trouble.

+1 on removing favourites. This should not be selected by default.

I think this is changed in the latest version.

Now I remember (after Jeremy’s post) that Firefox keeps old html bookmark files. But:

Does it even clean the latest/current one, not just the old one?


CSC erased all my current bookmarks and all backups. It doesn’t delete current bookmarks anymore.

My help files don’t work btw.

The help file bug is known…I think it happens on almost all computers. You have to go into the CSC program files to get it.

So CSC deletes the backups too? Oh dear…

If CSC actually deletes all Firefox bookmarks (unless the option is unchecked), I think it’s a pretty serious bug. Someone who uses Firefox better confirm this (don’t forget to backup your bookmarks!!!) and post a bug report.


I shall do so.


Just downloaded and ran it yesterday. Wished I’d read this thread first :-\ Deleted favorites from Explorer,Opera and Firefox!

Comodo has some great products, but the free of charge system cleaner is obviously not a finished product, since it contains a few serious pitfalls like:

some settings are not stored
erasure of bookmarks/favourites by default. It would be nice if the URL’s themselves would be taken up in the log file so they can at least be copied from there in case they were erased by accident.
A help function that doesn’t work is basically an indication that the software hasn’t been tested properly before releasing it.

Its a good idea before any system changes to make a full backup of your OS / via “eg” Acronis / Paragon etc, i use Acronis True Image and this procedure has saved the day in the past :slight_smile: