Undetected virus : fafebaedefc.dll

I’m 100% positive this is a virus, but Comodo doesn’t detect it as such. I have attached the dll’s so you guys can analyze this one. There’s two files in the zip , two random named DLL’s that were in my C:\windows\sysWOW64\ directory. Got them together with another nice virus named Lastscan.dll

EDIT: I should add that I got the virus Lastscan.dll before I installed Comodo. Lastscan.dll got positively detected as a virus.

Mod Edit Virus attachment removed please do not attach virus on the open forum.

Thank you

Hi penrose,

Thanks for submission.We will check that and add detection, after confirming it to be a malware.

Note: Please use following link for submission:


Hi Haja,

I was looking for a malware reporting part of the website, couldn’t find it, thanks for the link : Added to my favorites. Good luck with the malware detection, I’m 99.9% sure this is a malware : Got it 1-2 minutes after getting another virus, same directory, random name, dll file, hidden in the windows/ directory, etc… all very clear signs of a virus.