Understanding Windows rulesets ???

Hallo !

Maybe you can help me understanding windows rulesets. To set a rule for an application it normaly (linux,bsd,unix) is like this :

App Source ip:port destination ip:port protocol direction
firefox.exe tcp outgoing

when i start firefox this ruleset is asked and i mark remember this ruleset and it is configured
but the second one is missing and under linux,bsd or unix it is like this:

App Source ip:port destination ip:port protocol direction
firefox.exe tcp incoming

I am never asked for this ruleset but even if i block loobback from application the packets reach my pc (firefox as application). Why is this inbound rule missing ?

For firefox i have only rules for outgoing trafic but what is about incoming trafic ?

Can u explain me where the missing rule is set ?
And why can´t i set it ?

Comodo is not the first firewall i have seen this this. It is also missing an incoming rule by Outpost and kerio !

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Welcome, nils (:WAV)

The Inbound rule is only for unsolicited inbound communication/traffic. By allowing firefox to connect outbound, you are authorizing the returning inbound traffic. This is how you are able to surf the net…

Here’s a link to a compilation of various explanations/tutorials about rules and applications, when using Comodo’s firewall. https://forums.comodo.com/index.php/topic,6167.0.html Each different item within the posts has a link to the original topic, where further questions can be asked.

I highly recommend m0ng0d’s explanation of Network Control Rules, and the explanation of Comodo’s layered rules that I have written. That will give you a better understanding of how these things work with CFP, to get the most out of the firewall.