Understanding V.3

I am finding V.3 a little heavy going
Until i have a better understanding i have reverted to V.2.4.
There still seem to be a number of bugs/glitches to be ironed out but i guess in time they will get sorted.
I find the best way to understand is to ask on this super Forum.
At the moment there are 3 things i would appreciate some help on.
V.3 does not seem to remember that i have AVG installed in as much that when i boot or reboot it keeps telling me it is learning and the defense+ box keeps popping up.
I updated Anydvd yesterday and it took about 80-90 allowed permissions before i could complete the update.
That’s nothing compared to the number of times i had to click to allow some software (Scanner) to install.After 30 minutes i gave up and went back to V.2.4
I am finding that the box for submissions pops up briefly througout the day without any intervention from me…
I would very much appreciate some guidance on the items i have mentioned.
Thanks and Regards

I can answer your first query AVG this is short path (~1) problem at boot they know about it hopefully they will fix it soon.

One down,two to go
I think V.3 is great security software but very complicated and maybe not for the man in the street.

2)you can temporarily switch your CFP to installation mode: CFP summary/Proactive defense/switch
to installation mode.
3) you can remove the pending files from: defense+/common tasks/my pending files

Like i said
This is the best Forum on the internet.
Zone Alarm please note

Thanks very much to all
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yeah, and it’s got free beers ==> :■■■■ :■■■■ LOL

Even if it had free ■■■■ i would not be interested
I did try the Pro version once.It drove me round the bend.
Could you please expand on answer Three.I don’t quite understand

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i assumed that this submission box you’re talking about is CFP pending files (files that haven’t been recognized by comodo) , am i wrong?
you can remove the pending files from the list:
defense+/common tasks/my pending files.
so you don’t need to submit anything to comodo.

hope it helps

Thanks for your help.
What i am trying to get round is having to click to allow God knows how many times when i am trying to load new software.
In my first post i indicated how many times the box popped up to "allow"an update for AnyDvd and in trying to install new software for a scanner i gave up after clicking for 30 minutes.
There must be a short cut to load new software and not get bogged down with all that clicking.

When installing new software,at the first pop up(for defence+) you need to pick " treat this application as an installer or updater".You should then be given a window with yes or no(click yes).A reminder window will pop up soon to tell you you are still in installation mode,if software has finished installing you can switch back to previous mode.This should allow you to install new software pop up free.

ps if software finishes installing before you get reminder window you can switch back modes in the summary interface (bottom middle where you can also switch straight to installation mode).

Good luck Matty

Thanks a lot
That’s just what i needed to know


(:TNG) sorry for not being clear on this