Understanding the mind of comodo haters and why other vendors fanboys are angry

Why are people MAD at CIS and the free security it offers?

Well you have to put yourself in their shoes. You are pretty fresh and know very little about computers you have read that there is a risk to get malwares and trojans and the word “hacker” frightens you. So you search information about security and you end up on “wilders”. You think to yourself “man a security forum”, these guy must know their stuff so you post and ask them what you should do, what to buy…

Little did you know that many of these guys actually works for different security companies and many of them are resellers.

Anyhow, they recommend you “get Kaspersky 2010” so you do, that costs you about $59.95 for a year of protection… But not only that, you see a guy telling you, well use PrevX with that… They are the experts so you buy that as well witch costs you an other $34.95 and they also tell you “man you could use KeyScrambler it encrypts keystrokes” sounds good, you listen to the experts at wilders and pay an other 44.99$… Now you have paid a total of 139,89 $…

You notice how your computer is now “laggier” than ever before due to all the products that now is starting with your computer… But at least you feel protected…

You hang around this great friendly community to learn some more and listen to any future advices. Then you see tests getting posted, you think that you was recommended is the best. But your setup isn’t rocking any of those tests. You have paid almost 140$ and there is this site http://www.matousec.com/ that claims that your firewall isn’t the best. There is a free alternative kicking your setups in the ■■■ called CIS… But the guys tells you, Ignore that, leaks don’t matter. Then you see a thread about resource use, again this application “CIS” is extremely light and not as all as heavy as the ones your combining…

You also hear about buffer overflows and realize that CIS protect against that to some extent.

Next you hear about “antivirus tests” and your products are once again not “top notch” free alternatives like “Avira” is scoring as good, if not better than KIS and CIS isn’t that far away.
You after a while understands that PrevX can be penetrated and that KIS is not at all able to match D+ suddenly you realize that you did pay for something that isn’t top notch in any area… Id be pretty ■■■■■■ as well at this product that is making me look like a fooled idiot… Why did I pay for this? You think to yourself. Paying for security simply doesn’t make any sense when the freewares are as good or better. 140$ was a lot to you…

So ofc you will look for a reason to justify “this”… Since who wanna admit to themselves that they was ■■■■■■■ on a lot of cash?? Aha, CIS has a toolbar… Thats the beauty of pay-ware, no need to “uncheck” a box when installing KIS… Aha, CIS is not on softpedia or it is now, but it wasn’t for a while… Oh look their CEO is banned from my precious forum… Oh thats another reason to pay 140$ a year!

Welcome to the world of business, my friend :frowning:

EDIT - I completely agree with you by the way.

Hehe, the best comment in a long time! (:KWL) :■■■■

Some remarks.

  Not all users go to wilders to look for solutions for their protection. In fact, most of them never heard about it. In fact, many of them don't know what a forum is.

  I don't think a lot of people will spend $140 unless they have a lot of idle money.

  Whoever spends $59.95 on KIS spends it well. It's a good product.

  For $39.95 you'll have Online Armor Premium wich is every bit as good as CIS.

That said; you would better spend your time asking yourself (and all of us) why isn’t Comodo number one since it has such a premium product (wich it has).



The only haters are the ones who make money (or used to) from selling security to consumers… The people who love us are the beneficiaries…the people who use and get protected by Comodo. I mean lets be honest…i ain’t expecting a Xmas card from Symantec CEO :).


Thanks :slight_smile:

You should send the Symantec CEO a Christmas card now, just to see how he (she?) responds ;D

There are several reasons for that. A few that come to mind:

  1. CIS has only existed for 1 year whereas most alternatives have been promoting themselves for ages.
  2. Paid for products are sold in computer stores and by ISPs and widely advertised.
  3. Computer makers are paid to put trials on their machines.
  4. If someone has used something for years they tend to renew it without thinking.

Great post Monkey! Maybe not all true (:P) but it is funny.

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You just gave me an idea!

Merry Christmas Enrique Salem (Symantec CEO) from Comodo!

Enjoy our free products at Comodo.com!


Comodo…you should send out Christmas Cards/Ads :stuck_out_tongue:

Love it ;D

  1. CIS is bug ridden.
  2. Updates problems scare users away by the tens of thousands.
  3. The Marketing policy is that of a lunatic.
  4. Criticism is responded with war cries instead of intelligent tactics.

I certainly agree with all of Monkey_Boy=)'s points,I do not thank that is the whole story however.
If you look at the great bulk of Comodo bashing,it has it nexus on a single site.
(Monkey called it by name.)
These guys are lavish in their praise of several Vendors that also offer free products.
(Although none offer a free suite,free Backup,and Time-Machine type software.)

I thank this goes all the way back to the Comodo/Onlines armour fight,where the Guru’s
on that site took the side of TallEmu.
I thank the anti-Comodo sentiment never died,and is being kept alive by a small but highly
revered group of hard core.

If you check their polls,such as the Firewall Poll,you will see a lot of their members use Comodo FW.
They are ga-ga over the Comodo Time Machine beta.
Yet the attacks keep coming.

But another way of looking at it,is how much has this hurt Comodo?
These guys may have make or break power over a few small vendors,with narrow,geek oriented
For a diverse company ,they have all the relevance of “The Guild Of London Lamplighters”.

The recent updating mess up is far more harmful than all of the swollen headed Pundits flapping their gums.

Because it is not on a store shelf, and more then half of computer users doesn’t trust free software …

Bug’s … it is not the only one with them. Also for updates problems, criticism, and for marketing … they all are lunatic :smiley:

PS: É triste ter que falar com um português em inglês

And despite all that you are still here and have posted over 400 posts!! why? :slight_smile:


I agree with Jose Lisbon. He’s right and to the point.

A typical answer from you Melih 88) You can’t stand any kind of comprehensive criticism.

You guys ■■■■■ me up :slight_smile: For that reason…pls do stay!!




you end up on "wilders". You think to yourself "man a security forum", these guy must know their stuff so you post and ask them what you should do, what to buy..

Little did you know that many of these guys actually works for different security companies and many of them are resellers.

There are quite a few people on there that are part of support staff etc, Such as the eset,returnil etc forums are on there. Though 99.99% of the time they only respond to heated arguments if a claim is false appon their product, and so they should.

Btw, I want to highlight a point on wilders. There is no A vs B it’s simply not allowed.

Another thing, Look here.


^ they are simply discussing software.


The OP is flame bait.
If someone else made a thread like this against comodo, it’d be locked within minutes…

I think bugs are a problem. I have yet to have a version with no bugs that affect me. They may be less important bugs but they can be annoying. We are always waiting for the next version to fix the known bugs but so often it does not.

There are also annoying things like multi-select in “my pending files” and finding programs in “computer security policy”. These have been problems for years and not fixed.

People would get a much better impression of the product if things like this were sorted out. I know, we are waiting for V4 to (hopefully) fix everything. I hope it will and we don’t end waiting for V5 to fix things.

This must be recent? Anyhow, if they follow that then thats a good initiative. :-TU :-TU

I might add that I don’t think wilders is all bad, IMO they improved, there seems to have been some good changes. A lot thanks to BlueZannetti who seems intolerant to rumors without any facts to them.

yeah they have locked every single thread here that is directed against comodo… So true Kyle…

As we can see in this thread: None is allowed into this discussion criticizing comodo or CIS for that matter… Joses posts are just “gone” and Cocktail’s Melih flame gave him a permanent ban. sarcasm

I wrote this as some fun reason as to why people that has payware might be upset with CIS but I can agree with you that it could be viewed as flame baiting… Even if it was not meant to be super serious…

But well, if you really want this topic locked for “flame baiting” then sure, Ill lock it for you… ??