Under pressure, Western tech firms bow to Russian demands to share cyber secrets

This is about Western software companies having to hand over source code to Russia or risk their products/services
banned from the country.


What’s COMODO’s position on this?

‘Source code requests are not unique to Russia. In the United States, tech companies allow the government to audit source code in limited instances as part of defense contracts and other sensitive government work. China sometimes also requires source code reviews as a condition to import commercial software, U.S. trade attorneys say’

Also if Comodo provides free security software, it really negates the incentive to reveal any source code?

We provide a free product people can download from Internet.
We have not been asked by the Russian Government to share our source code.

Thank you for your feedback.

I have asked this from an awareness point of view. I believe that policing information especially in the cybersecurity world is detrimental regardless of the parts involved… especially since governments want security/encryption to have backdoors.

Yes, it’s harder or impossible to decrypt information in some cases and justice is harder to be made. But security today is as important as the universal rights I believe… and for me I’d rather have more privacy than the ‘security by scrutiny’ concept.

Have you been asked by any other government? If so, have you given the source code to any other governments?

No and No