under attack or config ?

please see attachment from my firewall logs, ive started getting lots of these port 5900, 33437, 33436 mostly.

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Have you been running any P2P software (such as BitTorrent)?
These would be incoming requests from the other clients, not knowing you have turned off your client. These requests can continue for up to several days.

john, no p2p im afraid no new games or apps either.
i was just reading about port 5900 and VPN which i dont use.

TCP Port 5900 is usually associated with VNC and it’s derivatives. The other entries are probably the usual generic messenger spam, which you can safely block and ignore.

Do you use VNC or have you had it installed?

sorry i meant VNC, no ive never used it

You could try running something like netstat to get an idea of activity on your system. If you’re not sure how, do this:

Open a Command Prompt
Type netstat -bon > c:\netstat.txtThis will create a file in the root of your C: drive. it will contain the contents of the netstat probe.

By all means post the file here and we’ll take a look.


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topic closed - i have a new hdd and afresh install