Undeliverable Mail - Error Message - 354 go ahead

With or without the outgoing email scan turn on I’m getting the an Undeliverable Error message from my ISP. The Error message is “354 go ahead”.

I disable the Comodo Anti-virus and my emails go through no problem!

Further more, I can not find any documentation with respect to error messages.

Hi Rosteius, welcome to the forums.

I’m not sure what the problem is, but “354 go ahead” is not an error. It is a response from an SMTP server. The DATA (the message) has probably been sent & the SMTP server is expecting an “.” (a terminator) or more DATA. Do you have any security or spam software installed? Which Email client are you using?

Kail, you’re absolutely correct. It is an error that’s returned from the SMTP server, but it only occurs when I have Comodo Anti-virus running. The ISP support person immediately asked me to turn off the anti-virus application (seen this problem before).

Yes, I have some anti-SPAM software running, but this all worked with the previous anti-virus software. The only thing I changed is the anti-virus application. I’m able to receive emails with no problem, it’s sending the emails regardless if I have the scam outgoing email feature turned on or off.

Thanks in advance

An SMTP 354 message is not an error, it is a standard response from an SMTP server when the message has been partially processed & the SMTP server is expecting more data or for the termination signal, a period (.) on its own.

I asked about other security & spam software because of the way CAVS inserts itself into the Layered Service Provider (LSP) stack. It’s possible that other installed software is conflicting with CAVS LSP entry… I think this unlikely because only sending emails is failing & the nature of the failure (I’m also not aware of any such conflict). I also asked which email client you were using because some email clients provide a useful log of the SMTP session, which might help us to detect where the problem is occurring.

My apologies, my mail client is MS Outlook.

That’s OK, not a problem.

OK, I don’t think Outlook can help that much (its logging abilities are a bit limited). The best thing to do, if you’re willing of course, is to re-install CAVS, put CAVS Trouble-Shooting Log on & try the SMTP send. This should capture the event in CAVS own Log… I don’t think the CAVS Log will be of much use to us, but it will help the CAVS Development guys investigate the issue for us.


I am having the same problem. I just installed Comodo AntiVirus yesterday. And now, I receive the same “354 go ahead” message in a bounce e-mail I receive after trying to send a message. Turning the outbound scanning off does not eliminate this problem. It’s not until I turn the entire e-mail scanning feature off, that I can then send e-mail. It’s interesting to note that I don’t have to turn all of CAVS off to get things working.

I’m also using Outlook 2003 as my mail client.

Hopefully, this can be addressed quickly.

I recommend that you report this to Comodo Support. Go to Comodo Support, register on their system & raise a ticket on this issue. I’d be grateful if any feedback/resolution that Comodo Support gives you is posted back here, thanks.

Hi Kail,


First, they responded by pointing me to this very posting thread. I informed them that I had already posted here and this is where you [Kail] had suggested I put in a service request.

Next, they asked me to provide information about my OS, service packs, and other security software on the machine. I indicated Windows XP - SP2 as well as Comodo Personal Firewall and SpyBot Search & Destroy as the packages on my machine. I also indicated that I had successfully (apparently) removed Windows Live OneCare prior to installing the Comodo Products.

And that’s where things stand. They are hopefully working on this one. I’ll give it another week or so and then decide if I need to find an alternate solution. It’s frustrating to have to turn off the Mail scanning portion of CAVS every time I need to send a message.

I’ll post the answer here, if I get one.

Oops… oh dear. :smiley: On the up-side, its nice to know that Support read the forums… just need a bit more work on the context bit now. :wink: Only kidding Support. (:AGL)

Thanks for the feedback kpSecure.;D

PS You’ve got a ticket number right? You can use that to see what Support thinks the status is. Comodo Support.

I too have this problem but I didn’t find this thread until ater I had posted a ticket. (I used Google on ‘354 go ahead’ and got this hit. I had failed to find anything in the support forum when I searched earlier with a more generic description.)

A curious couple of observations are (1) using Outlook’s account set-up test works OK and (2) the problem persists if just incoming scan is selected (scanning has to be off completely to avoid the issue).

By the way, I am using Outlook 2002 SP3 - Microsoft no longer support this version apart from security issues.

I’ll post any progress.

Had a quick reply from Support - on Sunday (good) but unfortunately it was a bit basic - reccommending deleting CAV, downloading and installing newest version on a ‘clean boot’. Not surprisingly, given the posts here, the fix didn’t work. The ticket had been marked as ‘closed’.

As requested by Support I have responded with details of computer configuration and a ‘screen shot of the error message’. I added this to the existing ticket - do these changes get picked up? (Edit - see it has changed status to ‘on hold’ - but no muzak playing nor a message saying ‘your call is important to us’.)

The Support response was a bit of a disappointment and indicated that my ticket had not been studied properly. I had already sent in the software version details and, as mentioned here, there isn’t really an error message. Oh well, it is still Beta software and not expensive - unlike a certain brand of video editing software I won’t mention.

Hi aps2011, welcome to the forums.

I’m sorry Support disappointed you. I’m not quite sure why they haven’t “noticed” that we’ve had a number of these CAVS SMTP 354 issues yet. I don’t know if your ticket would have been updated, you can check your tickets status at Comodo Support.

You should be able to get a faster response from Support, since I believe it is their office hours now (Eastern US).

Hi Kail,
Thanks for the welcome and sorry for my unimaginative name - but that’s me.

You posted whilst I was editing my second post - indicating that the ticket status had indeed been updated to on hold by a different member of the support staff. They do look!

Perhaps the word disappointed was a tad too strong - it probably reflected the facts that my expectations had been raised by a quick response and that what looked like a stock answer would almost certainly lead to re-submission. I probably would have been happier with ‘yes we are aware of an issue and are investigating’. In their defence, they can at least now rule out a problem of installing CAV with other security software in place.

Hi aps2011

:smiley: No worries about your name… its fine… you can always change it later if you want.

So, Support do read stuff! See? I knew it. :smiley: :wink: Anyway, let us know what they say.

PS I like the quote in your signature.

AFAIK, CAVS does not work with Outlook. There have been numerous postings to that effect. I know for sure that it does not work with Outlook/Exchange, as I use that, and if I remember correctly, it doesn’t work with Outlook on any level. Not sure why.


Officially, CAVS supports all POP/SMTP email clients.

LM: CAVS inserts itself into the Layered Service Provider (LSP) & thus should support all email clients transparently.

I now have the response (again, very quick) -
[i]Thanks for Details.

We will try to investigate this in our lab and if we can produce will
come up with necessary updates in our next version. Meanwhile kindly
bear with us.

I also tried Outlook Express on the same PC and without further adjustments to the configuration - email scanner worked without problem.