1: CIS version:
2: OS version: Win 7 Pro x64 MS Windows ver. 6.1 build: 7601: service pack 1
3: What you did: Tried to add “Run Virtual Desktop” to Task Bar
4: What you actually saw: word “undefined”
5: What you expected to happen or see: “Run Virtual Desktop”
6: If possible attach a screenshot illustrating the GUI problem Attached

[attachment deleted by admin]


Could you check this issue with version 10 BETA? If you’re checking it with version 10 BETA, please check Reply #185 after installation.

Hi there, thanks for reply! I’d preffer to stay away from beta right now. So this is issue, can you confirm, please?

Can’t replicate. Version 10 BETA should be stable though.

Please check with Comodo Internet Security V10.0.0.6071 Beta thanks.