Unclear why it won't start

I’m unsure of something. Before today’s update WoW and VP3 played with no problems. Come sandbox, assuming that’s my issue and no longer can access. I added wows executable to sandbox and it went fine, when I added vp3, nothing. After reading, it seemed to me those needed to be in the trusted files area, and are. Still I can not access vp3.

I’d appreciate any help, Thanks

I got it to go through by skipping even though it recommended terminating, which defeats the purposed of opening it. Could someone let me know what I’m doing or not doing correctly please>
thx again

Try adding the executable files of Wow and VO3 to Trusted Files. Or try adding the complete installation folder of WoW and VP3 to Trusted Files.

The updating changes the files. Old rules are not working anymore.

I added both .exe and path. Am I able to make it not skip those files, which is the only way I could access those games? I don’t think they should have to be skipped continuously.

Thx for you response