UnclassifiedMalware@8326673 & Heur.Suspicious@22192631 - HELP PLEASE?

Hi can anyone help identify these items please and tell me what to do with them, UnclassifiedMalware@8326673 & Heur.Suspicious@22192631

Cheers ;D

The question is: What file are those attributed to?

Anti Virus has quite a few false positives. So first step is to find out if these are indeed actual infections or false positives.

For example: Just last night I had to send false positive reports for files in my motherboard driver files that I obtained direct from Asus. An uninstall file for Battle for Middle Earth game. And for the patch to Civilization II Test of time.

All of those files were detected as infected, but were not.

So you need to know what the files were, what the files go to, where you got them, and so on before you can go to the next step.

When you are not sure of where files come from it may be best to put them in quarantine. Is the file that gets flagged known to you?

I find that usually if a file is detected as unclassified malware or heuristic it is best to send it to Comodo for analysis:

They will send you a reply by email letting you know if it was truly malicious or not. Meanwhile however, it is probably best to keep the unknown file in quarantine.