Unclassified Malware warning & Safe Files

I have installed in my WinXP the termsrv.dll from SP1 to use the concurrent remotedesktop sessions.
So far so good… BUT every restart i get the warning from antivirus:

Unclassified Malware

So i set it to “My own safe files” AND “Trusted Files”!

Next reboot i get the same warning again !?!?
Is this a bug? This warning should not display after setting the file to “my own safe files”!

Defense+ is disabled. I use only the Antivirus.

Please help!

You need to add it to the “Exclusion list” for the Antivirus

Go to Antivirus->Scanner Settings->Exclusions->Browse to the file or just type it in


I have set the file as exclusion, not in the antivirus program, i set it with the popup.
“Ignore” - “Add to exclusion” …

But this have no affect…

I will try to enter it in the scanner settings too…

I have checked the scanner settings.
The file is entered in the exclusion scanner settings.

But every restart of the system, i get the message again!

Please help! Bug?