Unclassified Malware@8404820 in uMedia uTV


I installed uMedia uTV from the CD with application and drivers for the DVB-T USB stick.

CIS found:
C:\Program Files\uMedia\uMedia uTV[b]UMAEb55b.rra[/b]: Unclassified Malware@8404820
C:\Program Files\uMedia\uMedia uTV[b]UMAEnc.ax[/b]: Unclassified Malware@8404820

Database: 1190.

I cannot find any download site, but I can upload the files on the CD and PM a link to a developer.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

Hi JoWa

Thanks for reporting. We shall look into the issue and get back to you.


Hi JoWa,

We have re-classified the detection.
Please verify with latest DB 1210.

-Chandra Mohan

Hi, thanks,

Yes, now it is Win32.AdWare.WhenU.~A@8404820, meaning that Kjell & Company is selling adware… Surprising…