Unchecked box next to yahoo yet still installed.

I was aware of the checked Yahoo box on this update. I unchecked the box, yet it still added Yahoo to Firefox, IE, and Google Chrome.

How do I get rid of it???


Known issue, it will be resolved.
Thank you.

I am sorry and understand your pain Comodo is doing what they can to fix your problem.

So, anyone have any answers yet?

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Did you find any other mischief, or was it just the home page in the three browsers?

HELP??? my Optus dongle has become overloaded and semi useless here… Now whilst i like Yahoo i dont like all the xtra promos and ■■■■, which slow down my speed even further a lot like old dial up …PLEASE hurry and fix it …cos ive tried but got nowhere… >:( >:( cheers G…