I blocked a tmp file called something like GLB1B.tmp when comodo flagged it up, and now can’t play any games at the miniclip gaming site, after info on the net suggested it can be dodgy. I can’t work out how to allow it so the site’s flash/java games will work again. I tried going to miniclip and downloading again some plug-ins for my firefox browser eg shockwave to see if it showed up again but it hasn’t. If I try playing a game nothing happens.


I can play games fine on Miniclip, without having to launch anything named ‘GLB1B.tmp’.
By searching Google, it seems like this is a malware.



Upload it to VirusTotal, and see if it’s detected. You can find the file by opening the start menu, then ‘Run’ and write ‘%temp%’, and it should open the temporary directory on your PC.
It might also be worth doing a scan with an on-demand scanner like SuperAntiSpyware or a-squared free.

Even if it’s a legit file, I don’t see a reason to name it something similiar to a malware…


I’ve noticed a lot of GLB*.tmp files that are actually legitimate installation/setup files that are launched within the temporary folder.