Unblocking inbound traffic

I notice that as soon as I enable my firewall all in bound traffic is blocked. I also tried editing all the rules to allow IN/OUT traffic. However this didn’t seem to work. In the logs as well i only see out bound traffic.

Please help me out with this, I have been stuck with this for a while now.

Best wishes,

Aren’t you able to surf internet? Why would you allow all incoming connections? These could be intrusion attempts and firewall would be just doing its job. If you want a particular program or a network group like LAN, you can configure it in CIS.

Your network policy can be found at : CIS-Firewall-Advanced-Computer Security Policy

If you want to configure LAN - CIS-Firewall-Commons Tasks-Stealth Ports Wizard-Define a New Trusted Network.

Also, you can get incoming blocked logs if you have enabled - CIS-Firewall-Advanced-Attack Detection Settings-Miscellaneous-Blocking fragmented IP datagrams.

I would however caution you that normally computers do not need to accept incoming connections for surfing purpose, except where you want to give access through LAN etc.

If you want to use torrents for incoming you will have to configure CIS accordingly. The following link might help.


Thanks layman ,

My bad, I didn’t put the problem across correctly. Yes I am unable to surf the net, or use any messengers.