unblocking / allowing another computer to connect over a network?

HI. I installed comodo on My pc and it is working very well.
I bought a laptop and set up a network between my PC and the laptop. Comodo firewall is installed on the PC and unfortunately for me, it is blocking the laptop from gaining access to the PC. I know this because when i dissable the firewall l the network works fine. How do I tell comodo to allow / trust my laptop and let it have access to the shared files on the PC? I really like comodo and I don’t want to uninstall it.

Are you using version 2.4 - if so have you defined a trusted network in the firewall settings? Go to Security/Tasks/Define a New Trusted Network (lower left). Follow the prompts. Reboot when finished.

I’m very new to comodo and I’m also very new to networking. I dont know exaclty hoe to do that.

HOw do I make my computer visible to other computers on my network only?

Go to firewall/stealth port wizard and define a trusted network with your router and computers. :slight_smile:

Will someone give me a walkthrough of how to add a new trusted network. I am new to networking and new to COMODO as well.

First, it would really help to know what Operating systems and what versions of comodo you are running on your two computers.

But since your network works when comodo is set at disabled, step one is to set it thus, and on each computer, go to the start button on your computer, select the run menu, then type cmd, and hit enter. That will open up a dialog box.
At that diaglog box, type ipconfig /all and then hit enter. That will give you the various network addresses you have.
I am somewhat assuming that you will have network address of the form 192.168.0.xxx where xxx is some number between 1 and 254. It could be of a different type but at least you will know for sure.

These are the instruction for comodo 3.
Then open up comodo on each computer by right clicking the comodo icon on the task bar and selecting open.
Then left click on the top firewall tab which open up another menu. Select the stealth port wizard which should be already bulleted as define a new trusted network. Select next. Select I would like to define a new trusted network.
Name your network anything, I used home lan but you could use any name you care to as long as you use the same name on each computer. Select a range of ip address, if you have addresses of the 192.168.0.xxx type use a start at and an end of Then finish the wizard on each computer. At that point, your network should work in non disabled mode. although it might require a reboot as the stealth port wizard adds the necessary control rules to comodo 3.

thanks for the help