UNblock & UNhide a wormy program . . .

Yes. It has a worm(s). But I have to use it for the time being and I need Comodo to not only release it but place it - and its entire folder contents - on whatever kind of “Trusted Application” database/list/binary file will insure that I will have unfettered access, and that any warnings or popups related to it be suppressed (forcibly, if necessary).

Sometime ago my recollection of Comodo was that I was always given the choice to sandbox, or not to sandbox. After installing the 226 mb file just hours ago, Comodo grabbed this folder and blocked it. I need it back. Thank you for any help.

For Part 2 of my question:
I confess I find Comodo’s array of programs baffling. I thought my 226 mb file was installing Anti-Virus and Firewall, but all it installed was CIS – the one program I did not want to install (!?).

Has the suite of Comodo free products become AdWare? I’m not asking to be provocative but rather because I chose to not install a bunch of 3rd party/Comodo Unwanted stuff (Geek something? Yahoo?) during the 226 mb installation earlier today. I need AV and Firewall only. Please advise?