Unblock forza horizon 3 demo

Hi, i hope i’m posting in the right section, please move as necessary.

I’ve been having problems getting forza horizon to start, windows 10. The game crashed to desktop within a few seconds of starting. I did a search on this forum and found that this is a known bug ( https://forums.comodo.com/news-announcements-feedback-cis/comodo-internet-security-v10016223-released-t119194.195.html )

The solution posted was “workaround is to add all applications file group to detect shellcode injections exclusion

Can anybody walk me through how i can do this? I’ve found the setting under - Advanced protection > Miscellaneous > Detect shellcode injections - Exclusions

In exclusions - should i really check - “file groups > All applications” ? Won’t this generally unblock all applications? Or should i be doing it another way?


Bug report thread. One user said adding process name from “Forza Horizon 3” to the shellcode detection exclusion worked, so you can first try that or add the forza installation folder, then the all applications file group as a last resort which as you described is the way to do it. Whatever exclusion is defined just prevents the loading of comodo guard.dll from being loaded into processes that are listed. Doing so will slightly lower the overall system protection.