Unblock app?

The program is called “Comodo Firewall” not CIS, so i’m not sure if I’m in the right forum?

I read the FAQ entry "I accidentally blocked and/or allowed an application!

How do I reverse this" which says to go to Firewall, Network Security Policy, and then “Application Tab” - there is nothing called “Application” but there is one called “Application Rules” - I’m assuming this might be it, but things don’t seem to appear here.

I tried to ping something (with “Custom Policy”) running, and when I’m asking to allow Ping or not I said no.

But Ping doesn’t show up in “Application Rules” - so where do I find it to unblock it?

Hi KnockKnock,

When you received CFW alert for allowing or not Ping.exe, if you answered “block” without ticking “Remember my answer”, no rule would have been made by CFW. Answering block without remembering the answer means that you block Ping.exe just on time. Hence there is nothing to reverse. Just launch Ping.exe again and CFW will again alert you and ask what you want to do.

I specifically ticked “remember my answer” - so I would be able to find where to undo this thing if I wanted to (I have no reason to block ping, I was testing the software)

Then indeed you should find a rule made by CFW in FW > Network Security Policy > Applications Rules blocking ping.exe. It is weird that you don’t find the rule there.

Maybe another member will see where the problem lies and help you with this issue.