Unattended installation for CIS Premium

Hi, I am trying to figure out how to silently install CIS Premium, but there seems to be no documentation about this.
I tried some arguments, like -quiet, -silent, but they doesn’t work for the installer.
Is there any way to install CIS silently?

There was this for Comod Firewall


Thanks for the reply.
I saw this before posting, but the installer mentioned in the post is a diffenent type of installer.
The Comodo Firewall installer is an .msi setup, and .msi installer itself provides some arguments for unattended install.
But the CIS Premium installer is a 7-zip self extraction file, and after extraction, the main installer file I get is a cmdinstaller.exe.
.msi arguments can’t be applied to this .exe file, so I just wonder if there are some official arguments for this setup.
But I can’t find any of them…