"Unattended Install" of CIS V4

I have a machine that is located in a cupboard, connected only to power and Network - it is “woken up” using WOL, and simply shutdown when necessary. Until recently it was running CIS v3, and I then started the update to v4…

With v3 still installed, running the v4 installer requires that you uninstall v3 before continuing. So I uninstalled v3, rebooted and then ran the v4 installer - and then after the required reboot, couldn’t connect to the machine…

Of course, what had happened was that after the PC was rebooted, v4 Firewall kicked in, “discovered” the local subnet, and the screen was stuck on the CIS dialogue box asking to name the discovered network, and decide whether to “allow access to/from all machines on the local network” - during which, I assume, the firewall was blocking all access (which it should, as a security product).

So - is there a way to do an unattended install of CIS v4, e.g. perhaps through using an auto-response file, or something similar? Or any other suggestions so that at the next major upgrade (v4 to v5?), I don’t have to go and recover the “remote” PC, and attach a screen, keyboard, etc., to complete the install?



May be this topic answers your questions: Install CPF on a Headless Server.


Down to timing really - it looks like the thread was started on 28th March, which was after I tried to search the forums for an answer, but before I ended up posting the question…!!

Edit: topic closed, let me know if you want to re-open it. (Arkangyal)