Unanimity among Comodo anti Malware programs

Melih, I know your are working toward it, but hope it can be accomplished sooner.

That is when one of the Comodo anti malware programs submits a file to test and identify that the results and total malware database be identical with the different Comodo’s signature update.

Avira has been giving a warning that detection pattern similar to dropper DR/Zlob.Get was found in a file lyricsplugin.exe I have been blocking it but this time decided to quarentine it and send a copy to the Comodo Firewall for analysis. I had problems uploading the original file could not compress, that is the reason for pulling it from quarentine instead. And using rar to compress it.

Each Comodo program should have an easy an identical way for a user to do so! I could not find how to do this in BoClean, unless BoClean questions the file.
A comprehensive and easy way to submit a questionable file from any anti malware program not just Comodo needs to be available to the user, from any Comodo Security program.

Another needed file that needs to be identical in all Comodo malware programs is the ignore list and how to add to it. Although Comodo should automatically add to each Comodo program installed to the other Comodo Programs installed on that computer.

The reason I ask for this is uniformity, and I watched the task manager and saw CPU activity increase when one program started scanning another anti malware program kicked on increasing CPU usage and sometimes creating slugging performance. These were Comodo files as well as other authors.

Creating this across all Comodo anti malware programs should be easy. Having instructions on how to add Comodo anti malware programs to the ignore list of other programs such as Spyware Terminator, Spyware Doctor, Avira, etc etc, may be harder.

For security the only programs that should be added are those that might respond when another anti malware program starts to manually scan, when installing a new program CAVS should be the only Comodo program to scan once it is downloaded past the Firewall.


I do agree.
As you pointed out… we are working towards it…

Soon… it’ll all come together :slight_smile: