unable to view actual web pages (html only)

Hi! I’m new to the forum and sort of new to Comodo. I’ve been running Comodo on my new HP for about a month now with no problems until I updated to CFW After the autoupdater told me that the firewall was updated I started experiencing problems with my internet browsers. I normally run Firefox (currently running The problem is this:

when I try to view a website all I get is what looks like html. About 1 time out of 10 refreshes it’ll show me the actual web page albiet with some minor format error or instances where only half of a graphic will load. I switched to IE and the problem there was a little different but still there. In IE the page would load but it would have random letters here and there in odd places on the page. In some cases the page will tell me that the site has been moved.
Other internet functions such as my messengers etc work properly.
When I deactivate Comodo and run Windows Firewall these problems cease. Anyone experiencing the same thing? Or does anyone have a thought on the matter?

I really liked Comodo’s performance up to this point and would like to continue to use it if this problem would go away. (BTW, I’ve already scanned for and am clean from viruses and spyware) Thanks so much for your help.

I’ve never heard of this problem… :o
Hopefully someone else can help you.

The first thing i would try to do, is uninstall CPF and install a clean version (not an update). You can click my signature-banner to download the latest version.

I think that you have to say what Antivirus program you are running, and other security programs that you use, to narrow down the search. Did you write which OS you use? Try to write as much info about your PC as possible.
Good luck!

My OS is Win XP Media Edition
My AV is Avast 4.7

Uninstalling and then doing a clean install seems to have done the trick. Thanks alot, AOwl. I love forums like this. I ALWAYS get the answers I need. You rock exceedingly!

You’re welcome! ;D
Nice that it worked!