Unable to update virus database

I just installed CIS 3.10.102363.531 under my Windows Vista Business with SP2 and ALL updates lanced until yesterday. I turned off my UAC too to avoid some problems.

After installation and restart the machine and I tried to upate the virus database. When I click the link Update Now appears the screen for update but nothing happens… the screens is still there with no progression, no error message… nothing happens.

Is there a manner to correct/fix this? I even accept to do a manuall download of the update file with the browser and apply the update (if there is this option).

Of course, I prefer the automated process. So, how can I make the virus database update work?

I resolved the problem: using the Comodo interface, on Traffic panel, I saw the executable that updates the dabase. So I closed its connections and restarted the updates.

Everytime the problem appears I does this and everything works fine.