Unable to update virus database [Resolved]

I’m running CIS 3.5.57173.439 with Defense+ in Paranoid Mode and the firewall in Custom Policy Mode (real-time AV is disabled), on a PC with Windows XP SP 3. The virus database updater doesn’t report any errors, it says that I have the latest version of the database. However, when checking it says that I have version 457, while, according to VirusTotal, the latest version is 771. Any ideas, or should I just back-up my config and do a clean install?
This isn’t just a problem with the GUI, I’ve confirmed the problem. I manually scanned a malicious file on my system. CIS flagged it as clean, Comodo on VirusTotal didn’t.

Check you update paths in the registry, they changed urls in between, if you have imported old Beta/RC configs you could be having trouble with that.

I’ve been using my configuration for a pretty long time, so it might be the problem. The registry entry UpdatePath is set to cfp//download//updates//av, and the registry entry UpdateURL is set to http://download.comodo.com/. Are those the same ones as you have, or do I need to change one (or both) of the entries?

Hi Ragwing…I too had the same problem. Following the link below should help you solve the problem. It did the trick for me anyway :slight_smile:


Hey Rag,

Just noticed a scimilar problem,a re-boot was needed to make it show today and 771

Ah, it seems like the problem was the update path. Seems to work just fine now. Thanks nalacknick for the link, and thanks to all the others who helped me. :slight_smile: