Unable to Update Software

I am a new user and installed and used the program for the first time in Feb 2013.
I am about to use it again and the software attempts to check for updates but gives an error message of -
Connection Problem
Could not connect to update server to check for new verison! Please try again later. Please press ‘Cancel’ to exit. I have been getting this for days so obviously something is wrong.
Can you please lend me a hand?

Do I understand correctly you installed it in Feb 2013, then at one point you uninstalled. Now you installed CIS again. Is the message about the av definitions update or program update? Is your internet working?

No I did not uninstall it. When the program starts up it automatically checks for updates and it fails with that message. I am connected to the internet, everything else works. I can’t figure out why the software thinks I am not connected to the internet.

Are you using Comodo Firewall or Comodo Internet Security? Is the alert for the program updater?

Try running Diagnostics and see if that can fix it or not. Are you using version 6?