Unable to update Comodo suite

For weeks I am trying to update Comodo. The signatures go fine, but when it arrives to the “check for program updates”, it tell “updates avaiable”. It downloads and tells it is complete. Then it goes to the next step “install updates”. It stays there for hours showing 82,2% progress and on top left corner it stays 45%. Its being so now for hours. I once tried to interrupt and then it told me a windows service was disabled. I needed to return to my last windows partition image to get windows running again. I use windows 7 - 64 bits ultimate. What is wrong? Cannot more update the software?
Currently I have:
comodo product version:
database version: 26997

I have the new version with no available updates.

Try to run a diagnostic report to see if it detects any problems. Or you can do a clean uninstall and install again following this guide.

I ran the diagnostics, not found any error.

Looking for the last offline full version of Comodo premium. Cannot find it on Comodo website and not want to download it from any strange site with the danger to have it come with a virus… Where can I find it?

will this work for my windows 7 ultimate 64 bits?

Yes even if it only mentions Windows 10 it will install on as old as Windows XP.

Good, and I hope it not messes with my sandbox configuration…
Thanks for the reply.

Export your settings and import after upgrade if you do clean uninstall otherwise you will need to switch back to your custom config as it will default to Internet security configuration.

I need to download the full version of Comodo Internet Security to install it offline on my and my husbands desktop computer, so I not need to download it twice with my very slow internet. I found a link to download it ( Comodo Internet Security | Best Internet Security Suite for Windows ). I downloaded the free software, but the size of it is only 5,1 mb. Is the whole software only this size now? Or is there another link for it?
Thanks for any info.


thanks. Looks like the file is only 65,1 mb. Wonder why they not put this link on the same page where they have the 5,1 mb installer download, so who wants to download and install offline have it easier. ;D