Unable to uninstall CFP v3.0

After several trials to uninstall CFP v3.0 (including the removal of the registry keys) the firewall still appears to be on in windows security center.

The reason for uninstalling: continuous troubles with the firewall not being able to remember trusted applications…resulting in numerous repetitive pop-ups…which made it impossible to update any software including nod32 and ITS OWN Boclean (even in installation mode and with defense+ switched off)!

We are getting a bit desperate here.
Can anyone explain us how to get rid of this firewall?

Thanks very much in advance!

I uninstalled the beta versions in safe mode and they uninstalled just fine. I don’t know if you’ve already tried this:
install CFP v3 again (not in safe mode).
uninstall it in safe mode, using CFP’s own uninstall routine.

However, you should try these two workarounds first. Maybe CFP will work for you then.
Make all your security progs trusted apps in CFP and put CFP on the exluder lists of your other security software. (I think I’ve seen some threads where this has been mentioned).
If that doesn’t work:
Did you disable or deactivate Defense+?
If you disabled it, you can try to deactivate it. Maybe this helps.
Go to: Defense+ / Advanced / Defense+ Settings and tick Deactivate Defense+ permanently (requires a system restart).
Hope this helps,

Hi ContraFirewall Pro - As grampa says, some of the alerts are due to BOC trying to inspect the CFP processes. That has to be changed in BOC (not CFP). Likewise for other security software that inspects processes in memory or scans the CFP directory. If you can prevent the other software from messing with CFP, that fixes a lot of the alerts. If you still want to uninstall it, look at the threads on this link near the top: