Unable to uninstall certain hardware

Windows 8 is a pain.

New computer, and as with any new computer, you want to uninstall stuff you’re not going to use. In the Device Manager, I unstalled things like drivers for a fax machine that I’m never going to use. I also tried to uninstall all of the bluetooth ■■■■, the webcam, and the microphone, as not having any intention of ever using them, they obviously just serve as liabilities. A few weeks go by, and I reopen the Device Manager to find that it had somehow reinstalled (or never properly unstalled) the latter three things. I uninstalled them again, closed the Device Manage, reopened it, and they weren’t on the list. Later, I restarted my computer, and lo and behold, the webcam, bluetooth, and microphone are back on the list. Oddly enough, whatever malware or “Windows 8 bug/feature” might be causing this doesn’t want to reinstall my drivers for a fax machine that this computer isn’t hooked up to.

Cause for concern?

Hi EricNorris,
I would say there is no call for concern.
Devices automatically re-installing could be as a result of numerous legit reasons, from system or BIOS settings to what internal hardware is connected to the system.

Kind regards.

What you’re watching is Windows behaviour. It does not like devices with no driver installed it will installed whatever driver it has for it.

If you really want to go down this lane. Uninstall the driver in device manager and tick the option to “Delete the driver software for this device”?. The device will show up as not have a driver installed. Click right on it and disable the device. That should do the trick.

I should have mentioned that I already did that, at least for the Bluetooth. It doesn’t give the option for deleting the drivers of the other two things, but even with the deleting drivers checkbox checked, it still re-installs any time I restart the computer.

Then all I can think of is to disable your Bluetooth device.