unable to uninstall anti spam wrt reinstallation

Hi Melih, a couple of weeks ago I went into the authentication database and found all these strange symbol multiple entries of each, as I didn’t know what they were I deleted them arghhh. Ever since then I have not been able to get antispam to work. I have uninstalled, deleted all files and registry entries etc and downloaded new copies about 15 times now. Each time I reinstall and go to email it is not talking to outlook express and a missing symbol in task bar that says downloading quarantinebase. When I click on authentication database, it locks up and I have to end program. I have attempted to get it going again at least 20 times and really love the program and want it back up and running please helpppppppppp
5064 dougal

hmmm… strange…
pls post it in the forum so that we can get everyone to help you… they will be better than me in technical help to be honest as we will have our support guys at hand too.

Addendum to 5064dougal post, speaking with his lips.The following quote has been tried
without soccess.lease note - the following instructions may be considered a “brute force” removal. If you are not comfortable editing your registry or with ANY steps outlined below, DO NOT CONTINUE.

Comodo are not responsible for this procedure or any consequences from its use. I’ve done this off my own bat, but also don’t wear any responsibility for any consequences of running these steps on your PC.

These steps are purely for informational purposes only. Use at your own risk.

Whew! With that out of the way, there’s no reason for this to ■■■■■ anything up. It’s a series of file deletions and registry removals. It’s definitely not 100%, there will still be class entries (among others) left behind, but these should be picked up by most registry cleaning utilities.

You can manually remove it by following these steps;

  1. CTRL - ALT - DEL to bring up task manager. Click PROCESSES, locate CLPtray.exe and END it.
    1a. Launch Pad should now disappear from the system tray.
    2a. Executable now gone.
  3. Click START - RUN and type in MSCONFIG. Click the STARTUP tab, locate the startup entry for CLPTRAY.EXE and unselect it. Click OK but don’t reboot your PC yet.
    3a. Startup entry for Launch Pad gone.
  4. Click START - RUN and type in REGEDIT. Click on the VERY TOP entry in the left hand column (My Computer). Navigate to HKLM-SOFTWARE. Since you no longer wish to use any Comodo products, you can simply delete the following two keys form the left hand pane - COMODO and COMODOGROUP. Then navigate to HKLM-SYSTEM and delete the COMODO key from the left hand pane. Navigate to HKCU-Software and delete the COMODO and COMODOGROUP keys.
    4a. Entries responsible for starting Launch Pad are now gone (along with other Comodo related keys).
  5. Exit REGEDIT and reboot your PC.
    5a. MSConfig should appear after the PC has rebooted but Launch Pad should not.

You should now tidy up your Start menu and or desktop to remove comodo related entries.

Hope this helps,