Unable to successfully uninstall Comodo 5.5 Free Firewall

I’m a newbie here so please bear with me if I’ve missed something or not posted in the right place.
I’ve been using Comodo Firewall for about a year or so and have been pleased with it until today!
I decided to to give another product a try, another free offering of a firewall from another vendor, so set about uninstalling Comodo 5.5 from my laptop, I’m on Vista Home Basic and also running Avast 6 AV.
I tried twice and each time the uninstall didn’t complete giving the folowing error message “A network error occurred while attempting to read from the file C:\windows\installer\cfp_setup.msi”
So I tried doing the uninstall using Revo Uninstaller, didn’t get the same issue but Revo frooze trying to remove leftovers, but when I closed it down I was presented with a Comodo message that changes to system would require a reboot.
Well tried that and my system refused to re start and Vista then did a startup repair on itself. 2 restarts later and alls well again but Vista has done a system restore and Comodo is still there!
Did some research on this forum and ealsewhere and ran the Windows Installer Cleanup Tool recommended. Tried again and and Comodo is still there, well the firewall isn’t functioning but the system tray icon is there although with yellow exclamation mark. Tried running the CIS removal tool as an administrator with same result.

Sorry but have had split my post as the text box was misbehaving here.
I don’t understand why Comodo is so stubborn, never had this major problem before. Concerned now as I have the same combination of AV and Firewall installed on all the families laptops and pc’s.
If I can’t just uninstall Comodo easily on my machine then I’m going to have major problems removing it at sometime in the future when need dictates.
I know from reading here and elsewhere that many others have had major problems with uninstalling Comodo.

Just in case. avast is reduced to the antivirus function? Maybe a shield is in the way.

Sorry Clockwork, not sure I understand what you mean.
Are you saying that Avast maybe preventing the uninstall from completing fully. Do you think disabling Avast would help?

the best way to uninstaller the firewall is to reinstall it reboot then run the uninstaller it should work tried it many times .

The unofficial Uninstaller for Comodo products found here does wonders for failed uninstalls.
I see you have tried it already, it would/might be worth trying it in Windows safe mode if you haven’t.

Avast shields came in mind as a possible reason. I would try what happens with disabled shields. But i would not disable the antivirus.

Beside, i would not use parts of the shield functions which would be covered by comodo allready (avoid conflicts).
I dont use avast myself. Just spoke based on past short usings.

Well I managed to uninstall Comodo finally BUT!
Used the uninstall tool from the link above which did the job. I think the tool I found independently was an earlier offering which didn’t cover the latest versions.
However I’m now presented with not having any Internet connection whatsoever!
I ran the uninstall tool in Vista as an Admistrator then booted into Safe Mode and reran the tool. Rebooting into Vista then left me with no internet connections. I tried editing the registry to remove all traces of Comodo but noticed that Several of the entries refused to delete, I remember some of these where Legacies, and several others which their names escape me.

I have to be honest here I cannot understand Comodo continually developing and upgrading their product but failing to address the problems of bad uninstalls, I’m not alone in this I know having trawled Google.
Eventually I’ll succeed in removing Comodo and restoring my internet connection but I’m going so steer well clear of Comodo from now on. Pain in the A***E this in going to be as it’s installed on all my families computers. It maybe be the Best Firewall but what good is that when it’s near impossible to remove. I don’t want to reinstall it to retry an uninstall with it’s own uninstaller and risk another round of these problems.

Comodo need to get their act together big style or risk losing loyal users, there must be many millions using their software as paid for and they do nothing to help when these problem arise. It’s really bad to have to rely on other users for support!

Sorry about the rant!

Any suggestions please to rid me totally of comodo and restore my internet?

Hello derekh110953,

The Internet Connection Loss after running the UnOfficial Uninstaller Tool for comodo Product; should be fixed next time, but Common Fixes are as follows

1, Restart
2, Open Command Prompt as Administrator (Start > Programs > Accessories > Right click - command prompt > run as administrator) type in the following and hit enter at the end of each line.

ipconfig /release
ipconfig /flushdns
ipconfig /renew

3, Opening Network Adapters, Disabling them then restarting then Enabling them.

Hope this helps

I had a few “funny” situations with uninstalling comodo. Like sandboxIE wasnt able to run until i installed comodo again :smiley:
But it didnt happen since long.
I would be very surprised if more than one computer of yours will show these malfunction that you describe.
There can many things happen when very much files interact or co-exist on one computer. Basically its more a wonder that all this works mostly :wink:

And also the human factor plays in this game.

I came back to comodo firewall and defense+ (without its sandbox, antivirus and cloud), because all the others where not that good/useable, or my favorite has been too old in contrast without update :wink:
This program can be used for free, but sometimes it needs people to speak about problems.

Would be nice to hear your experience on the other computers, when you still want to uninstall it anywhere.

Hi Jacob and Clockwork. Thank you both for your input.
I’ve just managed to get back on line but things just aint right with my laptop.
Spent all day yesterday trying to sort this and eventually managed to get my network adapters working again by doing a system restore back to a month ago. Gave up at 2am this morning as although they were working I could only get Local access whatever i tried.
Came back to it this morning and after trying to reinstall and then uninstall and getting same old error messages all over again discovered that my network adapters are fully working again. However I now have Comodo apparently installed but not working and it won’t uninstall!!!
Will live with it for a bit i guess as I’m always behind my Linksys wireless routers firewall.
I’ve had similar issues with Comodo on both my son’s desktop and daughters laptop recently. They both where left with redundant devices in Network adapters and Plug n Play devices after uninstalls. Silly me went and reinstalled Comodo though didn’t I. All the other machines are working ok right now but really apprehensive about installing when the time comes.
Thanks for your advise jacob…didn’t get to try that though as I’d got things up and running again before checking back again.

You say the fixes you mentioned will be included in the next Uninstaller. Can I take it that your involved in developing the new uninstaller?
Why oh why don’t Comodo offer support for these issues and produce their own tool for this purpose? Iit just shouldn’t be down to forum members to do this. I had a look at Comodo support page and there’s nothing there at all for people regarding uninstalls, it’s all aimed at those installing or having other issues.
I’d happily try another vendors offering and stick with it after this but worried that installing another firewall will leave my pc hamstrung or worse all over again.
I’m not an IT pro just an average chap thats spent years sorting out my own pc’s and other pc’s when they go wrong. Only started doing that as kids kept messing things up and I couldn’t afford to pay, used common sense and good old googe.
This would be an absolute nightmare for people with little or no knowledge and I’m sure lots would just take the easy option and go for a fresh install of Windows to fix things.

I uninstalled it often in the years. What was different in what i was doing all the time, compared to what you do?
It would be interesting to have an answer on that. Because when it happens for some on many computers, while it never happened on some for me.

I don’t have any idea Clockwork.
The error message I had last was “A network error occurred while attempting to read from the file C:\windows\installer\cfp.setup.msi”.
I closed it down and ignored it as my lappie is back up and running, CIS is stilll showing as installed but it’s not showing in the system tray. Task Manager doesn’t show any Comodo processes running either.
Seems I’m stuck with a system only partially protected for the time being.
Just had a thought on the cfp.setup.msi message. As I didn’t have internet access last night I downloaded the file and saved it on a pen drive, unzipped and extracted onto the drive and then ran the install from there. Could it be the uninstaller is looking for the original setup file from the install? I almost always delete the setup files after installing anything, is Comodo different?

“A network error occurred while attempting to read from the file”

This is the point to grab the problem. Why should a network have anything to do with uninstalling?

(Putting something from a stick to a hard drive, and run it from the hard drive, makes it a file from the hard drive. I move the installer allways somewhere else after installation. Should be the same as deleting.)

Yes Closkwork…I don’t see any reason for an error like that either.
Thinking about that now…I wonder if when I origanlly installed Comodo, back last September, if I chose the option to run with saving the file first. I don’t usually choose to just run at the end of a download but may have done on that occasion…is it possible thats the reference to network?

I dont know. The first i do after a download, is scanning :smiley:
In general i would say, an installer is not needed after installation is finished. So un-install should not depend on anything related to the former installer.

But, is the un-installation done?

I use avast now, too. I noticed problems when i had the behaviour blocker on. I removed any shield which isnt the antivirus. In the same moment as i realized that only one of these things is the antivirus like i wanted to have.
With comodo i need only a good antivirus part. And open eyes.
I can name now the shield which you should try to leave enabled, while the others should be thought about if they are needed. What happens if you just let, datasystem protection enabled, can you uninstall then?
With behaviour blocker, the whole machine freezed often and fast. It just needed to do something in comodo (like looking a list), or having both open, and reboot was the way to go.
Now all runs very fine.