Unable to start Windows in normal mode after installing CPF 3.0

I had this problem after installing CPF,, and - after the mandatory reboot Windows would not completely start in normal mode (it would hang forever on ‘Loading Your Personal Settings’). I had to restart in Safe Mode and uninstall CPF 3.0 to be able to start Windows in normal mode.

Today, the ever-helpful John Galt presented me with a solution for this problem at the CoU Forum.

These are the instructions he posted (for Windows XP)

- Open a cmd prompt - type the following: [b]set devmgr_show_nonpresent_devices=1[/b] - Open Device manager - Go to View menu and click "Show hidden devices'

Now, your list will get larger, and you should see different sets of devices - those that are connected, with normal colored icons and type, and this that are ‘not present’ - not attached, if you will - and those will be ‘grayed out’. See if any of your devices (most likely in the ‘Non Plug and Play’ section) has anything to do with Comodo.

If so, then you might opt to manually remove that device, then reboot, and try installing CFP again.

I did this, uninstalled 5 COMODO entries from the Device Manager, reinstalled CFP - and all is well now.

P.S. these are the entries that I uninstalled

  • Comodo Application Agent
  • Comodo Application Engine
  • COMODO Firewall Pro Helper Driver
  • COMODO Firewall Pro Sandbox Driver
  • Comodo Network Engine

After successfully installing CPF 3.0, only the two entries with upper-case COMODO remain.