Unable to Start Windows after Lastest CIS Update

I’ve used Comodo Firewall for a long time, with no complaints. Until now. When it informed me that an update was available, I told it to go ahead and install it. Once it was done, it rebooted, but the Windows startup process hangs up on the screen with the Windows XP graphic and logo, and the pseudo-progress bar marching across the screen. The only way I could return my PC to a usable state was to boot in safe mode and uninstall CIS. I tried reinstalling CIS from scratch, but the same problem returned.

I’m using Windows XP Pro and Avast antivirus (I’ve never had any trouble with Comodo and Avast playing well together). I’m currently running with just the out-of-the-box Windows firewall and Avast, with no problems. I have NOT allowed the other PCs on my network to update CIS, and they are still running fine.

Any suggestions?

Ive got the same problem. XP Home, AVG.

Love some help with it.

Try Lunching XP in safe mode then lunch CIS from a Shortcut and set it to tranning mode Not sure if this will work but it may. ;D

Just tried it and no good. Wouldnt start.

So I rolled back my PC to before the update and it started but the firewall wouldnt start and I got error messages every 3-4 mins. I had to uninstall it.

Is this going to happen if I do a clean install?

After Installing CIS Update And If You Are Not Able To Boot Your PC In Normal Mode, Where You Can After Uninstalling, Its Not Mandatory That CIS Should Be The Issue. It Could Even Be A Conflict With CIS And Some Other Software Loading At The Startup. So Without Diagonizing, We Can’t Come To A Conclusion That Its A Problem With The Update Or WIth CIS Itself.

Just a thought,

In Jakes opening post he says he is using Avast and installing CIS.
I wonder if he is installing the AV part of CIS as well as the firewall part; if so there could be a conflict with the two AV programs (Avast AV and Comodo AV).

Incidentally I am running the same system here, XP-pro, Avast and just Comodo Firewall and have had no problems so far.


Well I just tried reinstalling the firewall WITHOUT the AV and had the same crash.

I’m gonna use an old version at FileHippo.