Unable to start COMODO GUI after reboot in Legacy Mode

Dear Sir/Ma’am,
I had been using COMODO on all 3 of my machines with good deal of satisfaction, and had no problems with OS - Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and also Windows 8 (some new OS, same old machine).

However, with my new laptop which came preinstalled with Windows 8, I hated the OS and downgraded to Win 7; but I had to do so in Legacy Mode. Now the problem is when I tried to install CAV on this machine and OS, COMODO does not show the GUI and it is impossible to get it started. I can see the services running in the task manager - but antivirus does not detect malwares either.

My guess is that COMODO does not recognise the reboot, or perhaps my laptop is not rebooting properly since it is in ‘legacy’ boot mode instead of UEFI.

Please advice as to what I should do. I want no other AV except this since I just love it, COMODO is The Best.