Unable to see other computers in the networks

Hi all,

I experience the following problem :

I have 3 computers in a network, one of them has comodo v3.0.25.378 and everything works fine on him, the other has v3.5.54375.427 fresh installed and i can’t see any of the other computers in the network from it after the install , and from the others this one can be seen, but can’t be accessed. Windows Firewall is turned off. Tried to manually add the ip range through stealth ports wizard and to add a new network zone in “my network zones” since there wasn’t an automatic add to this network after the install. Any ideas what else can i try to fix the problem ? Tried uninstalling comodo, didn’t work either, I assume there are some leftovers, reinstalled it again, tried to do the same tricks, nothing helped.

I had that same issue earlier this fall. It wasn’t a firewall issue, though. Something to do with the NIC settings in my case.
Sorry, but I don’t remember what I did. I haven’t seen that issue since, though.