Unable to see my images on Photobucket

Im unable to see my images on photobucket and I’m sure it has something to do with FLASH or JAVA. After extensive troubleshooting I’ve found out that I only have the problem when CIS is installed. If I uninstall CIS then everything works as it should. If I reinstall CIS then the problem reappears. Switching Antivirus, firewall etc off has no effect. Am I the only one with this problem? I’ve attached 2 images that display the problem I’m having. Could someone help please


[attachment deleted by admin]

I’m still having problems with this >:( Can anyone help please

What version of IE on what version of Windows are you using?

Thanks for replying.
I’ve used a desktop pc with windows 7 IE11
Upgraded pc to Windows 10 and used Chrome and Edge
I’ve also used a netbook with windows 7 and not sure which IE, probably 11
All scenarios display the same problem.
Only solution is to remove CIS. I’ve installed Zonealarm with Comodo AV and all works ok

Did you have other security programs installed that ran along CIS in the background?

It’s an odd problem. One would expect such a problem to be with the browser or a plugin rather than a complete security suite…

Do you have any content filters installed or host file blocking? Or maybe a block rule on the flash plugin. The spinning wheel seems to indicate flash couldn’t connect to something for whatever reason.