Unable To See Alert Messages (Windows 8 Pro x64)

I’m having issues pertaining to seeing alert messages (quarantined, HIPS, etc.) on CIS 6.0 Final. I’m using Windows 8 and my graphics card (AMD Radeon 6520G) is up to date. The alert message appears in a fleeting manner and disappears. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.

Perhaps I am misunderstanding, but popups are to be expected. What is the issue you are experiencing? Is it that the popups do not stay on the screen long enough?

Never mind, I’ve just restarted the PC and I now see the pop ups.

Glad to hear it’s working fine now. Please let us know if any other problems arise or you have any questions.

I randomly have this issue on 2 different Windows 8 Pro x64 systems (fresh Windows installations).

For example, when I want to temporary disable the Behaviour Blocker, a popup message appears and it asks if I want to disable it for 15, 30, 60 minutes or permanently. Sometimes this popup message appears and disappears immediately, so I can’t disable anything (I can’t even click on the popup message because it immediately disappears). Usually if I restart Windows it starts to work again. As I’ve already said, I can reproduce this issue on 2 different machines, so it’s definitely a CIS6 bug.

I submitted a formatted bug report on this


DrHaze… :-TU