unable to scan as Comodo says I'm not logged as an administrator

I just thought I would scan for spyware , which I have done a couple of times before without any problems, but this time it came up with " could not start scanning. Please run the scanner as an administrator". But I am logged on as an administrator, i dont use any other log on’s or any other computer.

A real quick check on that.

The clock in your system tray, lower right corner. Right click on the time to get a menu, select “Adjust Date/Time”. If you are running as adminstrator, you’ll get the Windows control panel setting to adjust date and time. If you’re not, it’ll tell you.

If you’re supposed to be adminstrator, and you’re not, then it’ll be a Windows “Safe Mode” reboot using the F8 key, and then once in, modify your account settings thru the Control Panel → User Accounts to get admin privileges back.

If you can adjust the clock, then there is code bug likely that checking a bit somewhere, and it’s got the wrong bit. I’d still suggest doing the scan, maybe with a “RunAs”.

I had a defence+ warning about ‘rundal’ - i think it was.
I have checked and I am able to adjust the clock , do you suggest an uninstall and re-install of the firewall?

I have also just used the diagnostic tool and it came back saying no problems . [ if that is any help]

Good. So you really are running as administrator.

Try the scan again. If it comes back and complains like it did before, take a screenshot of the complaint. The details of the wording may have some hint as to what the problem really is.

What scanning application are you trying to run?

The wording is exactly as I gave on my first post. But to clarfy it was doing a scan in defence + ‘scan my system’

screen shot - hopefully attached.

[attachment deleted by admin]

I’ve got your attachment, but I can’t read it :frowning: I don’t have Word installed on my machine, just the basic Wordpad, and it can’t properly handle the embedded graphic image in the .doc file. I’ll try to get to one of the other machines here, and feed it into one of the office systems that can handle such things.

But, since you’re doing the scan from within CFP with “Scan my system”, it’s a Comodo AV scan. All “in-house” stuff intended to work together. That helps to narrow things down a bit.

Then it is probably a good guess that CFP Defense+ has gone out and blocked something that shouldn’t be blocked. In which case, the first place to look would be in the Defense+ Computer Security Policy, right at the very bottom of all the applications listed (mostly in chronological order, newest at the end, kind of). If there is an entry there that looks to be Comodo related, try deleting it.

If not sure, we can go for another screenshot of the policy list, only this time with Windows Paint (Start → All Programs → Accessories → Paint), and save the file as a GIF or JPG to keep the size to something reasonable.

i have it as a jpeg file - i think , but it says the file is too big ? its only a sceen shot

It’s more likely to be a BMP bitmap image, which is the Windows default, and produces huge files (a 1meg BMP file can be a 50kbyte jpg, for example). Comodo limits on attachments are quite generous, and can handle most anything, except BMP files.

To make sure it is a JPG, you can open the file in Paint, and then “Save As” and make sure it has a JPG file type. Or a GIF file type would do as well.

i think i may have done it correct this time - fingers crossed.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Got it. Thank you. And it is obviously quite readable :smiley:

Now as to why you’re getting it, I haven’t a clue. You are running with admin privileges, as we’ve already verified that. So something down in the CFP innards is checking a bit, and getting the wrong bit. That strongly suggests a bug somewhere.

Until that gets resolved, I’ll have to suggest one of the other on-line scanners as an alternative:


Either, or both, of these would be good. Be aware that they use ActiveX controls, so you will need to use Internet Explorer (or Firefox with the IE plugin). The full blown deep scans can take time, in the order of several hours.

Hello all,

I am new here and just recently had this same problem and yes i am admin also,plus i was running firefox 3.0 but after the last update it now has become unable to open and unable to uninstall because i think it is being blocked by comodo but i cannot find any firefox entries blocked,but shortly before i got a warning from comodo of a suspicious alert of malware which was blocked which may have been firefox. But the warning said nothing about firefox or the exact warning so i blocked it.

Also after firefox became useless i went back to a previous restore point to try and fix it,would this hide any mention of firefox being blocked before restoring to a previous point.
Any info greatly appreciated,Thanks

Also tried to uninstall firefox in safe mode,no luck.

Your problem has nothing to do with this thread. You must have blocked something that wasnt suppose to be blocked. Go the the D+ tab and click Advanced. Then go to the Computer Security Policy and look through the list to what you blocked. Right click on it and edit it to trusted. Look for Firefox.

Thank you i will give it a try. My problem does have somewhat to do with this thread as i mentioned in the beginning of my first post i am admin on my computer and after having no problems before running the spyware scan in comodo i got the same message as the other person who posted this thread, it said that i did not have admin rights and this was after firefox also seemed blocked so i thought it might have the same reason.

Sorry if i did not make that clear enough in last post.
Thanks again.

Thanks grue155. to be fair as long as the rest of the firewall is working I can live without scanning. I have NOD32 as well as superantispyware and spybot, unlike methos I am using IE7 so no connection there I am afraid.

I have the same problem - defense+ could not start scaning, please run again as an administrator - as the original poster. I have confirmed that I have administrator rights. I have also checked that Commodo is a trusted application. I am running version on Vista Home Premium, 32bit. I have disabled UAC. Any new thoughts on what might be preventing scanning by defense+?