Unable to save search engine of choice after close

CD version is

All of the settings in CD and extensions remain saved as configured, but search engine is reverted to default Yahoo when CD is closed, and new instance is started.
I tried to delete bing and yahoo but after close Yahoo is default and bing and google remain bellow.


Please add a complete bug report following these instructions.

Also let us know if you are running Dragon in incognito or in a sandbox.

Thank you.

Comodo Dragon Version
Running in normal mode
Extensions: Ghostery, Adblock plus, Disconnect, Click&Clean, LastPass
OS: W8 prof X64, W7 prof X64
Full admin rights.
No other browser installed, except IE that comes with OS.

Tried to reinstall CD, configured all of my extension from start, dumped temp/cache.
I did notice that with same settings of my extensions and CD in version (in one of my VM’s, update is set to manual) there is no problem.


The Reset Search Engines option under Clear Private Data when Browser Closes in the Click&Clean extension reverts Dragon’s search engine to the default value (the value present when a new user profile is created). Since Google is no longer the default search engine in Dragon, the value always resets to Yahoo.


hmm so search engine option is considered “private data” and other CD setting are not.
It doesn’t make any sense…