Unable to sandbox PotData.exe

Hi there, I keep getting this defense alert on PotData.exe and I am not sure what that program is. I keep trying to sandbox it every time I see the popup, but it shows up again in a while. I checked the active process list in Defense+, but I don’t see it listed there. Not sure how to get the popup to stop, but here is a screenshot of the popup I get.

Do you have a back-up battery of some sort for your pc? That application is connected with APC-American Power Conversion. It is legit BUT it does not need to call home. Surely information that they need for software development need not come directly from your pc. Just block it in D+/Blocked Files or if you want it sanboxed do a Sandbox Always/Limited.

Some links you can read.

What is potdata MFC application?

potdata MFC Application

Yeah, I do have an APC Battery Backup with Powerchute Personal Edition installed on this computer, and I just did a Sandbox Always/Limited to hopefully stop that popup (that is starting to become annoying) I have been getting.