Unable to run/uninstall CTM

Whenever i try to install CTM i get this error:


When i tried to uninstall it i get this error:


I tried restarting my PC many times but it still doesnt work.I would really like to use this software.Please help me run it…

Thanks in advance.

Check and see if you have a SSD on your system, CTM is incompatible with SSDs.

this is what i got:


Also make sure your system is not running on Raid, CTM is incompatible with Raids in general.

Try version 2.9beta (found in “Beta Corner”) if you’re installing version 2.8 now.

When i install the beta version i get this message:

This really scares me as i am not an expert at theses things and data loss will affect me a lot as i have no backup.

i think i am gonna uninstall this software…it just looks too advanced for me…in my 1st post i showed you the error i get while uninstalling…can you let me know how to completely remove this from my system.

Actually I would not suggest anyone installing CTM without backing up the system first ! To me CTM is a tool in-between my current system (which may go wrong for a number of reasons) and restoration of my system from a previous backup. CTM is a very useful tool if you use it by it’s rules.

In your case I suggest you first learn how to backup your system whether you’d use CTM or not ! It’s a must for all computer users.

how to completely remove this from my system
If you had already tried uninstalling by it's own uninstaller and got into trouble, you're left with Only one alternative which is restoring/rebuilding the MBR. Read these two threads :


i uninstalled using ‘Revo Uninstaller Pro’ and it worked great…anyways thanks james…

i uninstalled using 'Revo Uninstaller Pro' and it worked great

In yours and other similar cases where CTM has not been successfully installed, third-party tools like Revo will do the job as it will clean up program/data files left from the unsuccessful installation !

But for those who have installed CTM successfully and CTM’s drivers running properly before uninstallation, the steps mentioned on my previous post should be noted. Using third-party uninstalling tools will likely result in system failure !

(Also, you may wait for the next Update version of CTM which would come out next March, according to Comodo’s schedule)