Unable to restore individual files

Backup conducted on Win 7 64bit Pro. Selected “Disk, Partitions and MBR”, now unable to select “append files” or select the files I wish to recover on another laptop with Win 7 32bit Pro. Both laptops have the latest version

Any suggestions?



A disk or partition backup treats the disk or patition as a single object. To be able to recover individual files you need to do a files or folders type of backup.

To get around your issue, you could do :

  1. Another disk/partition backup of the disk as it stands today
  2. Restore your previous disk/partition backup
  3. Copy the desried files to another media
  4. Restore the disk/partition backup done in step 1

I realise this is a long winded way to do it, but the backup you did does not deal with individual files, only with whole disks or partitions as a single entity.

It is planned, in a future release, to be able to mount a partition backup as a virtual drive, which would enable you to recover files from a partition backup.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

Quicker to do another ‘file’ backup and restore that to the second machine.

This behaviour is not expected, nor is it clearly explained in the help file… good to see that it is being addressed :slight_smile:


But that is what a drive/partition backup does and it is what a file backup does. They are designed to address different types of backup requirements. Not all drive/partition backup utilities allow you to extract just an individual file from a disk/partition archive.

We are hoping the version that includes the ability to mount a partition backup as a virtual drive will be available soon-ish. :wink: Keep your eyes out for an announcement shortly.

Ewen :slight_smile:

DriveImageXML does…

Happy to wait though, once this functionality and differential backup is there, I don’t think I will use anything else :slight_smile:


Soon grapsshopper, soon. :wink: